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12 Декабрь 2020

Do you need business automation? Call!

Soon, there will be a big presentation of our new product Cascade! It is a unique platform from where you can build any chain of business process and automate it, like a lego constructor. Sounds tempting? Then call immediately!

12 Декабрь 2020

Bring a client and get a bonus!

Those people who bring a potential client will receive a gift package from IT Panda and a huge bonus for the next service. Call your friends, join the light side, the panda world!

12 Декабрь 2020

Prices to all services from 1 million soums!

You have a unique opportunity to order any website, telegram bot or SMM / MMM at a starting price of only 1 million soums. Hurry up, the time of the action is limited!