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Business process automation



A unique constructor platform for automating any business process, from automated reporting to complex network diagrams for implementation of large-scale projects

Автоматизация бизнес-процессов
Телеграм-бот единого портала интерактивных государственных услуг

Telegram bot

Single portal of interactive government services


A complex constructive bot with feedback functions for a specific request and integration to the EPIGU. Smart report generation and display of various statistics, using filters, as well as user access control.

  • Feedback
  • Reporting
  • Statistics
  • Integration

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Website for social media promotion

Like Stairs

Integration website with a separate admin panel for users and a ballroom system for purchasing orders in the job exchange to promote their content from social networks. Currently has integration with Facebook and Instagram for the function: like, comment and repost.

  • Admin panel for users
  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram
  • Point system

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You just need your idea for the website, content, 2-3 meetings and payment. The rest will be provided by ourselves. We also provide the ability to assist with documents on the integration of payment systems, hosting and SMS connection. Any of your whims is a task for us to fulfill.

Initially, when drawing up an agreement with a client, we take into account their requirements and make an agreement with the client on the completion of the project at a certain time, and during this time all the requirements of the client will be fulfilled. If the project is overdue, the company takes responsibility for itself and personally responsible for this uncompromising case.

Sooner or later, everyone moves towards the development of their IT structure. People like the online format more and place orders through websites. Also, switching to online mode will give you brand awareness and increased traffic from customers, because they can simply do google search "Turkish clothes" and your website will appear on the first lines of the search result, which will give you additional sales and will increase your income.

First of all, IT will solve many of your issues with the organization and improve the mechanism of work of your structure, no matter in which direction is your business. With the successful application of IT services, you can achieve tremendous success in terms of growth in net benefits and an increase in demand for your goods / services.

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